Back to the Basics

To Members and Other Interested Parties of the Goodlettsville Church of Christ:

The elders have established the theme of “Back to Basics” for the year 2010. Charles has been requested to, periodically, deliver sermons that focus on this theme. Each member of the congregation is asked to identify things we can each do to make this theme (idea) come to life. Why do the elders think it is good that an effort be made to get “Back to Basics”? Following are some of the reasons this decision was made.
It is our belief that as your elders we are charged with providing the necessary encouragement for each member of the Goodlettsville congregation to be able to “defend the truth.” In order to make this defense one must be well grounded and versed in the basics of the teachings of Christ.
The “religious world” would try to convince us that the only measure as to whether a congregation is “successful” is whether it attracts masses of people. To accomplish this man-defined success it is possible for us to lose sight of man’s purpose on earth. Yet, we believe the Bible is very clear as to our purpose on earth, the purpose of worship and God’s simplistic method of reaching out to others.
What do we believe the benefits of “Back to Basics” will be? First and foremost we have no doubt that it will be pleasing to God. We further believe that current and new members will have a renewed sense of commitment to serve God in a manner that is pleasing to Him. This should result in:
·         - Our confidence in sharing the Truth with others will be increased. As we focus on “Back to Basics”, we will reiterate the scriptural basis that supports our belief.
·         - Resurrecting the reputation that once was assigned to members of the church of being knowledgeable of the scriptures. We will develop a renewed enthusiasm to seek God and His wisdom as we increased our knowledge of the scripture and, even more so, as we see it appropriately applied in our lives.
·         - Further alleviating the possibility that God would view us as He did the church in Laodicea. We never want to be viewed as lukewarm!
·         - An even greater desire to appropriately respond to the instruction to go and teach the Bible to everyone we can possibly reach. We believe “Back to Basics” will better equip us to begin this teaching at home with our own families.
·         - Parents seeing the benefit of children attending Bible classes and all worship services and activities of the congregation. We are saddened to observe young people being encouraged by their parents to be more involved in sports and school activities than in becoming Christians and maturing in their knowledge of the Bible and their service to God.
·         - Improving relationships within our families. We often are saddened to learn of conflicts that exist within some of the families that are members of the congregation. We have couples that are struggling with problems that are leading them toward divorce. If we can help one another get “Back to Basics” in our relationships with God, many of these marital problems will be resolved.
·         - Broadening the outreach to those within our community. We believe there may exist greater concern for people in foreign lands than for people within our own community. We are not suggesting that the plight of people starving in foreign countries should be ignored; however, we believe that the current economic conditions have resulted in many more of our neighbors and fellow Christians needing our assistance.
·        - Men of the congregation will desire to prepare themselves to serve as deacons and elders and will enthusiastically accept such responsibilities whenever they are asked to do so.
We could go on with other reasons that we have decided to get “Back to Basics” in 2010. Hopefully this communication has provided you some greater insight into what has caused us to establish this theme. We pray that each member of the congregation will make it a personal theme to be put into action in each of our lives. Please do not look on it as just another “theme” but view it as a goal to be effectively and successfully accomplished.

                                                                                                         The Elders