Bible Classes

Sunday Morning Children Class Information
 Mothers and Babies - Room 4  4 & 5 year olds  - Room 2
 Nursery   1st & 3th grade - Room 1
 1 year olds  - Room 6  4th - 6th grade - Room 7
 2 & 3 year olds  - Room 3   (7th - 12th grade) - Room 19 


Sunday Morning Adult Class Information

Auditorium Class
In The Main Auditorium
We Are Studying Revelations

With Brother
Charles Baugh

Christian Living 101 (Young Adults)
Room 8 (South hallway)
Join The Discussion With Brother
Bill Dudney
Ladies' Bible Class
In The Multipurpose Rm
Join The Discussion With Sister
 Sandra Shivers
Homebuilders Class
In The Balcony
Join us as we study The Domino Effect by Tim Lewis

With Brother
Jon Wilson 

Wednesday Night Children Class Information
Mothers and Babies - Room 4  
1 year olds  - Room 6 3rd- 6th grade - Room 7
2 & 3 year olds  - Room 3 Teen Boys - Balcony
 4yrs - 2nd Grade  - Room 2 Teen Girls - Room 19
Wednesday Night  Adult Class Information

Adult Class
Room 8

With Brother
Les Jackson

We Are Studying The Book of Hebrews

Adult Class
Main Auditorium
With Brother Charles Baugh We Are Studying
The Book of Acts
Ladies' Class
In The
Multipurpose Room
With Sisters
Lori Eubank
and Marie Boyd
We Are
the Gospels
Thursday Morning Ladies Class Information

Bible Class
In The MPR

Discussing The Book
Seasoning Your Words by Nancy Eichman

Cliff Hand