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Facility information for our Guests. 

Visitor Center

Welcome Center    

As you enter the main entrance from the parking lot, feel free to stop by the welcome center desk in the front lobby.  One of our members will be there to greet you and offer help with directions or the answering of any questions that you may have.  The welcome center is also stocked with information that describes the work and activities of Goodlettsville Church of Christ members and missions points. 





We value your children very much at Goodlettsville.  We are not inconvenienced by children at all, no matter what the issue.  For the parents of infants through toddlers, we have a fully staffed nursery that provides care during the entire worship service.  Children are welcome in the auditorium but if a problem should arise, a nursery is available with changing facilities. The room is also equipped with a T.V. monitor where parents can watch and listen to the worship service if they choose to stay with their child.