Lads to Leaders

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Goodlettsville has been participating in Lads to Leaders since the Fall of 2013. It was brought to us by our Youth Minister, Cliff Hand, who had many years of experience with Lads to Leaders. We use the material and events offered from Lads to Leavers to supplement our classes and other student/church activities. We currently offer a L2L class on Sunday nights, during the school year, for all students age 5 through 12th grade. We use this class to allow our young people opportunities to learn how to use their talents, in various ways, to serve God. Our class is not for convention attendees only but for all students to learn more about serving God and gaining confidence in their faith for the future. Other L2L meetings and events take place outside of our Sunday night class also. For more information regarding our Lads to Leaders program at Goodlettsville, please talk to our L2L Deacon, Clay Borders.  

News and Updates






Our 4th Annual Bible Bowl was a success. The most participants in the 4 years of the competition. The elders are the champs for 2017 and will defend their title in 2018. Such an awesome time to be had by all! 









2015-16 Participants


Our 3rd annual Bible Bowl was a success. Our number of teams this year increased from 3 to 4 with parents and family members creating a team. Competition was fierce but the Staff team pulled out the victory for the 3rd year in a row. The competition is fun, but the greatest thing that comes from our time of BibleBowl together is the amount study put into God's word and the fellwoship and encouraging each other. 


Lads to Leaders Class is held onmost Sunday nights at 6pm in the Multi Purpose Room. This gives students of all ages a chance to learn skills and gain knowledge from activites used in the Lads to Leaders Program. You do no have to be participating at the convention to attend class. 


We had an exciting 2015 Convention at the Opry Land Hotel. This year we had 32 people registered and 15 of those were young people. This was our second year attending the convention it was fun, hectic, eventful, and many other things. It is always good to see so many christians in one place with a certain goal in mind. They were all there to encourage young people and to lift them up as they glorified God with their gifts and talents. To be in the midst of so many who are excited about young people bettering themselves to serve God is above description. 

2014-2015 Participants and Award Winners


The 2015-2016 program will be officially Kicked Off this fall with several events being worked on throughout the summer. 

The Theme for 2015-16 is "Where your treasure is so your heart will be also". Pearls and Bible Bowl subjects with both be on the book of Matthew. 



Our second annual Bible Bowl competition between our congregations members in March 2015, went very well. The Ministry Staff team won for the second year in a row. We are excited about next year's competion that will be held in February 2016 covering the book of Matthew. We are looking for teams of 4 to compete. If you are interested please see Cliff.