About seven years ago Goodlettsville became aware of the Haitian mission work of Joe Worndle through a World Bible School student requesting to be baptized.  Joe had already been involved in the work for ten years.  During those ten years, two schools of training preachers had been established.  Trained instructors have been developed called "Timothy Teams".  These teams get request from denominational churches to come and teach them more clearly the gospel of Christ.  Joe now operates from the Dominican Republic due to the political situation in Haiti.
Joe has established preacher schools to teach preachers how to teach others and has had many Haitian brethren coming over to attend these schools.  The standard of living is as low as any place on earth.  There are many challenges to overcome.  However there has been much success.  The West Broward Church of Christ of Plantation, Florida is now sponsoring Joe.  The Goodlettsville congregation assist with the funding for the Timothy Teams.