One Word

WHAT:       One Word Bible Study Series

WHEN:       Sunday, January 28 2018 - "Crucify"

Commit yourselves to join your brothers and sisters in Christ for an exciting and transformative year-long Bible study!  Together we will worship and hear a special series of sermons on Sunday mornings each week.  Then, on Sunday nights, we will convene again to break out into classes for further examination of the morning's topic.  What better way to start off a new year than communing with fellow Christians over the Good Book?!  There will be classes for all ages to participate in:

                                         Adult Co-ed Class*               Balcony Classroom

Ladies' Class*                      Library

3rd-6th Grade                        Teen Classroom Room # 19

3 years old-2nd Grade           Room #4 Bible Hour

0-2 years old                         Nursery

*  Teens (7th-12th Grade) meet with adults.

A regular Sunday Night Service is available in the Multipurpose Room.

The Sunday evening classes will begin at 6pm in the locations listed above and will last one hour.  Class members will each receive a "One Word study guide for the 52-week series.  This book contains daily devotionals which focus on one word each week (e.g. creation, sin, repent, etc.).  Students will gain a better understanding of the word and how it is relevant to our Christian walk.  And, when we come together, as one body, in the classroom to study The Word, our Bibles, our faith will surely grow, as will our bonds with one another!

ONE word  & ONE faith  & ONE body

Don't miss out on this wonderful opportunity “ attend every chance you get!  You will be blessed!  And, you will be a blessing to others!  If you are absent one Sunday - no worries, come on back “ each week's topic (or word) has a stand-alone lesson.  And, with your own personal study guide, you won't miss a beat.