Pulpit Minister Job Description

Goodlettsville Church of Christ

Pulpit Minister

Job Description


Job Objective

To proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ within the congregation and within the local community through effective preaching and teaching of God’s Word, to seek and save the lost, to strengthen and encourage the saints, and to equip the members of the congregation to go and do the same so that by all means we might help people reach their eternal reward in heaven.


Job Summary

The Pulpit Minister is a leader within the congregation who serves as part of a ministry team under the oversight of the congregation’s elders. Specifically, the Pulpit Minister serves as a preacher, teacher, counselor, and comforter to the members of the congregation on a dedicated, full-time basis with no other employment. The Pulpit Minister coordinates planning for ministry functions and keeps the elders advised.  He is expected to serve as a role model by being a faithful Christian, husband and/or father, someone who exhibits the love for people with a passion for evangelism, a humble person with the heart of a servant, as well as a self-motivator who is organized.


Key Responsibilities

1.      Preaching

A.      Preach at the Sunday morning service.
B.      Preach at the Sunday evening service.
C.      Lead the Wednesday evening devotional and/or train other men for this role.
D.     Prepare lessons that are Biblically sound and consistent with the direction and leadership of the elders. Provide a monthly update to the elders on upcoming series and lesson themes.
E.      Coordinate guest preachers for special Sundays, seminars, or gospel meetings (with elder approval).


2.      Teaching

A.      Teach at least one Bible class each week on Sunday morning or Wednesday evening.
B.      Conduct personal studies with individuals interested in learning more about Christ both within the congregation and in the community.
C.      Assist with Bible school direction.


3.      Visitation

A.      Visit members of the congregation in the hospital.
B.      Visit with the family of members who have lost loved ones. Conduct funeral services as requested.

C.      Visit with shut-ins or members living in nursing homes or assisted living facilities on a regular basis.


4.      Counseling

A.      Provide pre-marital counseling to all couples that ask you to marry them.
B.      Provide spiritual or marriage counseling services to those who desire it.
C.      NEVER engage in counseling sessions with a member of the opposite sex or a teenager unless a third party is present (to protect you as a minister).
D.     Offer referrals and encouragement for further help for those who are in need.


5.      Administration

A.      Serve as a member of the ministry team and facilitate a weekly ministers meeting to enhance coordination of efforts within the congregation.
B.      Oversee the creation of the weekly bulletin.  Write or edit articles as needed to ensure quality and accuracy in the information contained.
C.      Provide a monthly status report to the elders concerning all visits,
D.     Seek to build healthy relationships with the other church of Christ congregations and ministers in our region.


6.      Additional Expectations

A.      Develop relationships outside of the church within the community.  Participate in community activities.
B.      Lead your family to be active as a unit in the worship services and programs of the congregation.
C.      Advise the elders of any special problems, issues, or conflicts within the congregation that you might become aware of.



The Pulpit Minister is accountable to God first and foremost as a proclaimer of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

The Pulpit Minister reports directly to the elders and serves under their guidance and direction. The Pulpit Minister is not an elder of the congregation but may be asked to attend their meetings from time to time as a non-voting member.

The Pulpit Minister also works closely with the other members of the ministry team along with the deacons, teachers, church staff and all other members of the congregation.


Supervisory Responsibilities

The Pulpit Minister is not the “head minister” or office manager, nor do they have supervisory responsibility for any of the church staff.  The only exceptions to this policy would be:

  • Coordination and leadership of the weekly ministers meeting, and oversight of the office staff in the production of the weekly bulletin.


Minimum Qualifications

  1.             A member of the church of Christ who is sound in doctrine.
  2.             A strong faith and personal commitment to the Lord.
  3.             Excellent interpersonal skills in both written and verbal communications.
  4.             A demonstrated ability to lead Bible studies in both a class or on a personal basis.
  5.             A married man with a faithful wife and obedient children (if applicable).
  6.            Prefer a Bachelor’s degree with a Bible/Ministry emphasis
               OR a degree from an accredited school of preaching.
  7.             7 years of experience as a full-time Pulpit Minister.

Applications are currently being accepted.

Please send cover letter and resume to SearchCommitte@goodlettsville.org or:

Goodlettsville Church of Christ
411 South Main Street
Goodlettsville, TN 37072
Attn: Search Committee

A criminal record and background check will be required, if selected.