Information for Parents

Our youth at Goodlettsville enjoy a healthy mixture of activities focused on spiritual growth, service, and fellowship.  Parents work with the youth minister to coordinate activities for 3rd-6th and 7th-12th graders.  Our ultimate goal is to help our young people go to Heaven.  We also want to train our youth to reach out and lead others to Christ.  We want to encourage our youth to follow in the footsteps of Jesus and follow that path which is lighted by the Word of God. We also have events for our younger children as well through out the year.
Spiritual Growth
  • Our youth classes on Sunday morning and Wednesday night are focused on a study of the Bible with application to the lives our youth. We have classes for all ages. 
  • Our Summer Bible Camps are special weeks of Bible study, worship, fun, and fellowship for all of our youth. We have camp for 7th-12th grade, 3rd-6th grade and 5yrs - 2nd grade.
  • Our 7th-12th graders enjoy Fall and Spring retreats and our 3rd-6th graders enjoy a Fall retreat.  The retreats feature a spiritual theme with devotionals and small group discussions based on Bible study.
  • Our 7th-12th graders have a monthly devotional called SNAC (Sunday Night After Church) usually hosted by parents of our youth in their homes.
  • Our 7th-12th graders attend youth rallies focused on spiritual growth and the Nashville Area Summer Youth Devotional Series. 
  • Our 3rd-6th graders enjoy monthly activities together for fellowship and spiritual involvment. 
  • During some of our AM services we offer a Children's Bible Time for those who are ages 3-8r, and Children's Bible Hour on Sunday nights for children ages 3-2nd grade. 
  • Just as Jesus came to serve, not to be served, we want to encourage our youth to develop a servant heart.
  • The 7th-12th graders will average one service project per month.
  • Examples of service projects include: visitation to nursing homes and shut-ins; child care for the young families; Packing food boxes for the help center, etc...
  • Each summer the youth group plans and conducts a mission trip.
  • All of our activities are planned with a goal of building a strong Christian peer group.
  • Friendships are established as our youth spend time worshipping, praying, playing, and working together.
  • Each Wednesday afternoon the 7th-12th Grade are invited to attend DEFROST from 3pm to 6pm. DEFROST offers the opportunity for the youth group to spend time together working on service projects, playing games, and admonishing one another through devotionals.
  • Other fun events include Lock-Ins, devotionals, and fun trips. 
  • All of our youth K-12th get together periodically throughout the year to fellowship with each other. It's always good for our older ones to be great examples to our younger ones.
Leadership Training
  • Leadership Classes“ Periodically our young men are offered training classes designed to give them instruction and practice in leading worship.  Opportunities to speak at devotionals and lead worship assemblies are pursued for our young men.  Our girls are trained for leadership in settings such as ladies classes, women's retreats, girls devotionals, and teaching bible classes. 
  • Lads to Leaders - New to Goodlettsville Church of Christ in 2013. We utilize Lads to Leaders to train our young men and women to be leaders in the church today as well as for the future. Lads to Leaders is for all ages, especially for ages 4-18. 
  • The Youth Bulletin Board, located outside of the Teen Classroom, is the place our youth groups to sign up to participate in activities and pick up information about coming events.
  • The Junior Youth Bulletin Board is also locted outside of the Teen Classroom, where Jr youth group members can see what events are coming up soon, and so they can sign up for events and activities. 
  • Yearly calendars with youth activities and birthdays are printed and made available at the Youth Bulletin Board.
  • "Youth Happenings" Youth Bulletin is published nearly every week with info for our young people and the congregation. 
  • The Youth Group also has a facebook page where information about events and other activites can be shared.
  • Follow us on Twitter @GcocYG